Steps of How to Sell on Facebook

It’s exciting when you know you can get a Facebook shop for free and be able t drive traffic to it without extra costs. If you, however, don’t know how to set up a Facebook shop, you might be heading towards a dead end. That’s why we will guide you through it;

  1. Sign up a Facebook account

Getting a Facebook account is free of charge, it does not need too many details and will not consume so much of your time. Signing up an account is the first step of setting up your business on a large platform.

  1. Create a Facebook page

Creating an account is not enough for your success journey. You know have to set up a Facebook page for your business. You cannot create a business page on your personal account. The shop features are only available on the Facebook business page. A Facebook business page has a lot of business advantages than your personal Facebook account;

  • Personal accounts for social connections while Facebook pages are for business.
  • Facebook pages have different categories; local business, brands or products, institutions or organizations.
  • A Facebook page gives you a better platform for customers to find your product, like your products, follow your shop, and blogs.
  1. Set up a shop section

When setting up a shop, details like currency and the type of products you sell are needed. You will need to state the currency you use, information about your company, and a product description. This is also the part you add your website’s or blog’s link. To set up a shop, you need to click and follow the necessary steps;

  1. Select a check out method

This part you will choose the method which your customers will buy your products. There are only two available methods.

The message to purchase method, in this method, the customer will message you directly and ask for whatever they want to buy. Then you will arrange the delivery and payment methods.

Check on a website, here, you provide a link for customers to go to another site or your website.

  1. Add products to your shop

In this area, you list the types of products you sell, the product descriptions, and the prices for each product, and then share your Facebook visibility.

  1. Share and promote your page

This is the final stage, and the effectiveness of this stage will determine the number of sales you make. Invite friends to like your page and share it on Facebook groups, you can also put up ads. This will increase the sells you make.

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